See the title.
15 Jul 09
Control the penis. Don’t let the penis control you.
— Dr. Allen
27 Apr 09
This banana drives a Hummer
— Dave
21 Apr 09
Hmm…I figured that if a medical student wanted to kill someone they’d use some obscure neurotoxin or pressure point near the carotid… not craigslist, a masseuse, and a gun.
— Derek (from FB)
11 Mar 09
Britt as Gerald: “So, yeah, Dave…how come you’re staying at our apartment tonight?”
Anna as Dave: “Eh…Britt and Anna are having a farting war.”
— Britt/Anna
19 Feb 09
Learning Biochem is a lot like memorizing the phone book.
— Leo
19 Feb 09
If I have to memorize one more enzyme, my brain is going to phosphorylate itself into oblivion.
— Dave
19 Feb 09
I can juggle bugs. Wanna see??
— Dave
15 Feb 09
If I have to read one more thing about anorexia, *I’m* going to vomit.
— Bill
05 Feb 09
Unfortunately, he died, because everyone has to die someday.
— Dr. Chedid
28 Jan 09
Stay away from the brains of the dead…Shit, I forgot to tell my kids that.
— Dr. Sierles